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OH YEAH Music School

For infection prevention measures against the new coronavirusOur classroomin online lessons

We have started recruiting students.

We are currently looking for new students for face-to-face lessons and online lessons! !

In face-to-face lessons in classrooms for each subject, lessons with hand disinfection and wearing a mask

In the classroom, we introduce a circulator and an air purifier with a virus sterilization function to give lectures, and we regularly open the classroom windows and take measures to prevent infection while conducting lessons.

At the same time, we are also recruiting students for online lessons!

It is also possible to switch between face-to-face and online lessons depending on the situation.

For details, please contact us from the site link on the following page to apply for lesson enrollment and contact us from the inquiry form.

OH YEAH Music School

<Blues guitar class>


Our chief lecturer Mr. OH YEAH specializes in Blues Guitar and improves his research

Blues guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players



In the OH YEAH blues guitar class, we will learn the blues backing-scale based on various basic techniques (hammering, pulling, bending), and learn how to improvise solo and rhythm backing in the blues.

Based on Mr. OH YEAH's performance experience in various parts of the United States, we will learn how to play orthodox black American style blues.

Black Blues, the source of current popular music

scales & chord progressions

A theoretical explanation of the triad rhythm, which has been said to be the weakest of Japanese rhythms.

We will train until you can understand various rhythm patterns such as shuffle, boogie-woogie, 2-beat, slow, 8-beat, and 16-beat, which are often used in blues music, and play them as grooves.



We will study and improve the scale in ad-lib solo, its approach method, and how to assemble the solo.

You will also be able to play regional blues guitar styles and blues guitar playing styles from various parts of the United States, such as Chicago, Texas, and New Orleans.

We also regularly hold recitals for each band of students who have reached a certain level of progress and have stepped up!

For those who want to participate in the blues sessions held in various places, but don't know what to do because the threshold is high, I will teach you step by step.

Please feel free to drop by!

Lesson days Every month 1st and 3rd week or 2nd and 4th Wednesday or Thursday

Complete private lesson for 60 minutes at a pace from twice a month (1h/5000 yen)


We are currently accepting new enrollments for students! !


Please apply from the application form below!

Application for membership and questions

OH YEAH Music School


Introduction of music school leaders


After making his debut in 1997, Mr. OH YEAH, the leader of OH YEAH Music School, has been active in Japan and the United States.

music activities

It has been active for over 20 years. In Chicago, USA, he teaches blues performance to students as a special lecturer at an elementary school in a black area.

In Japan, the same school, OH YEAH Music School, was established to provide guidance to younger generations and based on the experience in Chicago, the home of the blues.

His instruction is easy to understand, and he has received a good reputation from many students aiming for music.

First 30 minutes free trial lesson is available.



OH YEAH Music School offers one-on-one private lessons for beginners to advanced players in guitar, voice training, and music theory. Online lessons have started from May 15, 2020 for both men and women who want to enjoy playing musical instruments as a lifelong hobby, senior citizens, and professional musicians who are aiming to become professional musicians!

Application for membership and questions

OH YEAH Music School

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