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  1968       Mr. Oh Yeah is born in Tokyo
  1978       Mr. Oh Yeah first picks up a guitar.
  1987       Majors in music theory and guitar at a music school.
In a guitar class here, studies under Shinji Shiotsugu of the West Road Blues Band.
This is his first experience with blues guitar and it proves to have a tremendous influence
on his activities from this point on
  1991       Begins playing in bands and taking part in sessions in Tokyo live houses playing gunk,
blues and other Black music rooted genres
  1996       Forms the band HOOKER with other players he met at jam sessions and blues bars in Tokyo.
The band's sound is rooted in 1950's style Chicago blues.
Mr. Oh Yeah begins activities in Tokyo as the band's leader, vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player
  1997   September   Release of HOOKER's first 5-song album, "CHICAGO SOUND".
Produces and works as the sound engineer for the album, beginning his work in these fields.
"CHICAGO SOUND" goes on sale at Tower Records and Disc Union becoming a smash hit.
  1997   December   Performs at Koenji JIROKICHI, the meca of Black music in Tokyo.
Also performas as an opening act at the Shinjuku Park Tower Blues Festival,
an anual blues festival that at the time brought top-class blues artists to Japan.
Also performing at the 1997 festival are the Carter Brothers, Jill Johnson, Phillip Walker, and more.
  1998       Founds his own music production company, "Little mac music" and CD label, "Simmons Label".
Performs 40 shows in the year, including a HOOKER tour of Kanagawa, Hamamatsu, Nagoya,
and other areas of Japan.
May - works as sound engineer for the acoustic band Furomizu Wonders' demo recording.
  1999   September   Releases a 10-song CD album, "Blues Leave Me Alone".
The album is distributed all over Japan and reaches an unusually high position for a blues album
on the CD ranking chart of a certain well known indies CD store.
After release of the album, returns again to JIROKICHI to perform a one man show.
Performs about 50 shows in the year including a tour of Tokai, the Tohoku region, and more.
  2000       A performance of one live song appears on the omnibus album "Live at Mojo",
Na compilation of live performances by various bands at the Blues House Mojo,
located in Saitama Prefecture, Urawa City (the area has since been incorporated into Saitama City).
In this year, as well as being active with HOOKER, also participates in RONNIE RUCKER 's gospel choir,
Bright Lights Choir. RONNIE RUCKER is a pioneer of the gospel music scene in Japan.
Performs at various concerts and workshops.
  2001   January   Works as the sound engineer and guitarist for Brazilian music singer Yuakri's demo recording
      August   Travels for the first time to experience and learn more about the blues at the home of the blues,
Chicago, USA. In the Fall, Blues Leave me Alone goes on sale in Chicago.
Aournd this time, HOOKER begins changing from a set band into a blues project centering on Mr. OH YEAH and
featuring a rotating cast of players.
Between activities with HOOKER and Bright Lights Choir, performs around 40 shows in the year.
  2002   January   Performs on the CD recording of the gospel choir Bright Lights Choir (from here on refered to as "BLC").
      August   Goes on BLC's American tour, performing in front of an audience of@about 40,000 at the Workshop in Detroit.
The performance is covered by the local papers. Mr. OH YEAH's second trip to Chicago.
Performs 40 shows in the year.
  2003   April   Founds OH YEAH Guitar School to help bring up the next generation of blues guitarists.
While performing about 100 shows with HOOKER, including a tour, records for a live album featuring
various performances at different locations.
  2004   Janurary   Leaves the gospel choir BLC.
      April   Releases a 5-song mini-album, "Living in the Blues".
Performs over 120 shows, mainly with HOOKER, this year becoming fully established as a live performer
at various events, live houses, bars, tours, etc.
  2005   May   Travels twice this year to the U.S. to promote HOOKER's live album "Living in the Blues".
Meets and establishes relationships with a number of blues players in the U.S. including blues artists such as
Shirley King (B.B. King's daughter), Carl Weathersby, Shunsuke Kikuta, etc.
      November   Performs as a guitarist at the Tokyo show of blues harpist and Singer from Chicago,
WABI as part of WABI's tour.
Performs a total of 80 shows this year.
  2006   January   Begins writing original songs for upcoming album.
Until this time, had mainly been performing blues cover songs but from this times begins widening the scope of
performaces to a wide range of Black music and incorporating it into his his music and lyric writing.
      April   Travels for CD promotion to the U.S., visiting Chicago and Memphis, taking part in sessions with local players.
      November   Begins pre-production for the upcoming album.
Performs 40 shows in this year.
  2007   January   Begins recording the back tracks in Japan for the upcoming album, "Call Me Oh Yeah".
From this time through the rest of the year continuese carefully recording for the album with various guest players.
      May   Records overdubbing for "Call Me Oh Yeah" with special guests in Chicago,
including Billy Branch, Shirley King, and Minoru Maruyama.
August to November   recording in Japan for "Call Me Oh Yeah" with special guests from the Japan blues scene,
Including Shunsuke Kikuta (from Chicago), Shinji Shiotsugu, Fumio Ishikawa and more.
Performs about 30 shows in this year.
January to March   Mixes and edits the new album.
This recording is done mostly digitally, but to the fullest extent possible Mr. Oh Yeah mixes it to preserve an analogue sound.
      May   Finishes the album "Call Me Oh Yeah", the first release since "Living in the Blues" 4 years before.
The album includes 8 original songs.
Officially changes project name from HOOKER to Mr. OH YEAH & HIS BLUES PROJECT HOOKER to make a
distinction between activities up to this point and the new direction which focuses on original material.
      August   Releases Mr. OH YEAH & HIS BLUES PROJECT HOOKER's latest CD album.

The album features an incredible line up of guest performers inclucding,
From Chicago: Billy Branch (harmonica), Shirely King (vocal) [B. B. King's daughter], Minoru Maruyama (guitar)
Shunsuke Kikuta (guitar),
And from the Japan blues scene Shinji Shiotsugu (guitar), Fumio Ishikawa (harmonica), KOTEZ (harmonica), and more.

Ear‚Œy year
With Billy Branch
With Shirley King Band
With Shirley King
With Carl Weatersby
at Buddy guy Legends
With Elmore James jr.
With Killer Ray Alison
Contact to Mr.OH Yeah

In winter 1996, Mr. Oh Yeah made his own Blues project "Hooker" in Tokyo with the aim of the restoration of 50's Chicago Blues sound.
In fall 1997 they released "Chicago Sound", their first casette with five songs.It was sold out twice in the
blues section of the record shop in Tokyo, which was an exceptional hit as a Japanese blues band.

At that rate they found their way into playing at JIROKICHI, the music club known as the center of black music in Japan.
In winter 1997 Hooker was singled out for an opening act of the Park Tower Blues Festival, and played with the famous
blues musicians such as Carter Brothers, Syl Johnson, and Philip walker.

In August 1998 they joined "Shinjuku Blues Carnival", in-store live performance at Tower Record Shinjuku with
other five blues bands, where they recorded the best sales.

And their long-awaited CD full album "Blues Leave Me Alone" was released on August 1st, 1999.
They went on domestic tour right after their releasing the CD, and welcomed by enthusiastic blues fans all over the country.
They also joined the compilation album "Live at Mojo" which was produced by the blues bar "Mojo" in 2000.

In these years they started to take the sound of New Orleans funk and search for their original blues sound.
In August 2001 they started the promotion in Chicago in the US. Finally this year Hooker is about to release
their album "Blues Leave Me Alone" on August 1st in the United States!

In April, 2004 announced mini-live Album 'Living in the Blues' and he performed 120 times a year live performances in this year.
They changed an artist name in Mr.Oh Yeah & Hooker in 2007

In fall 2008 released Mr.OH YEAH & HIS BLUES PROJECT HOOKER latest CD album "Call Me Oh Yeah",
and it is it with Billy Branch (Hrp), Shirley King (Vo) who are a daughter of BB KING, Minoru Maruyama (G)
Shunsuke Kikuta (G) and the album of the luxurious lineup that Shinji Shiotsugu (G), Fumio Ishikawa (Hrp)
KOTEZ (Hrp) participated in from the Japanese blues scene as a guest from Chicago.

Mr.OH Yeah & Hooker

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